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4 Life Hacks Every Artist MUST KNOW | Blending, No Smudging & More

If you want to become a better artist then the main thing you should do is make a lot of art. Considering you already know this and would like to know some tricks that would make you a better artist TODAY, we decided to give you 4 life hacks every artist MUST KNOW.

Heli Turtle
Blended using cottonbuds

1. Cottonbuds are PERFECT for blending

Blending your drawings out can be quite hard sometimes. Right? WRONG! With cottonbuds blending is easier than messing up the second eye in your drawings. They are a great size, easy to handle and perfect for precise blending.

Try it out and we promise it will make your blending job easier and more fun!

Applying Hairspray
Applying hairspray to prevent smudging

2. Hairspray PREVENTS smudging

Do your drawings ever smudge and are you sick of it? Well we have a easy solution for you.


Just by lightly spraying some hairspray on your drawing it will prevent it from smudging on the other pages or when you touch it. A easy and affordable way to keep your drawings clean and neat.

Make-up brushes
Make-up brushes

3. Make-up brush blending

Looking for a easy way to blend out your paint and getting a smooth finish? Then try using a fluffy make-up brush.

This make-up brush gives your painting a realistic look and doesn't leave any harsh lines behind, perfect if you want depth in your artwork.

Save your paint
Save your paint

4. Save left over paint in a sealed jar or container

When we do our drawing duels, Justin always wastes SO MUCH paint. A great way to stop wasting paint is to save your left over paint in a sealed jar or container. This will keep your paint intact for longer so you can use it again instead of binning it.

Save paint, save money, happy days. :)

We hope these life hacks help! Let us know if you will try these life hacks or if you got any other art life hacks in the comments.

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Thank you for reading and have a amazing day!

- Lucy and Justin

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